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Overcomer: Finding Strength in Hard Seasons

Overcoming difficult seasons can feel impossible when you’re going through them. But thankfully, God is able to do more than what we ask or imagine. In this 4-day plan, discover how God can redeem your pain and disappointment and give it purpose.

How to Love Your Neighbors

In a world where so much division and tension exists, we’d all be better off if we learned to love others—even if it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. In this 4-day plan, we’ll discuss who our neighbors are and how to love them.

The Bible Said What?

If you’ve ever had questions about the Bible, you’re in good company! We've all been there. Sometimes, parts of the Bible can be really confusing. In this Bible Plan, we'll discuss some of the passages that can be hard to understand and learn some helpful tips for exploring Scripture.

Walking With Jesus (Wisdom)

Having wisdom is everyone's goal. Wisdom is not just talking about intelligence or having above-average knowledge. Wisdom is "God's mindset" that can be understood by us. It can also help us consider and decide our steps so that they are aligned with God's will. Through this "Walking with Jesus" devotional series, we will learn how to become believers who are growing in wisdom every day through the word of God.


Discover what the Bible says about Love and how it can impact your life and your world.

Miracles: Every Nation Prayer & Fasting

We believe that God works miracles today by the power of the Holy Spirit to bless people and advance his kingdom. We’re believing God for miracles that will testify to his power and create new opportunities for the gospel to advance. Our devotional material focuses on miracles from the book of Acts, where we see God showing his love for people, resulting in the kingdom of God advancing.

A Giant Headache

Use the story of David and Goliath as a jumping off point to share truths of the Bible with your children. Let each day bring them closer to God through a Bible verse, a lesson, and a colorful image. Peer pressure, fear, and ultimately, faith are just a few things they will learn from this plan.

Kids And Chores

Getting kids to do chores is enough to test any parent’s faith. If you’re fighting with your child over mess, then this plan is for both of you. Each day starts with a kid-friendly story of a parent and child chore negotiation. Read it with your son or daughter to learn biblical ways to approach the subject of chores together.

Faith, Hope, and Love

This awesome three-day devotional for kids teaches us what it means to have faith, hope, and love.