Whitefield Academy 

According to the book "Oklahoma Indian Territory" by Ted Bryon Hall, Baptist Service were first held in Whitefield as early as 1870. On October 30th, 1892 John Hendrix was ordained as a minister at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Community and H.H Mouser, Whitefield Church, Indian Journal, states Mr Hall, dated June 19th, 1894.

The Whitefield Academy and the Missionary Baptist Church were built in
Whitefield in that year. Haskell County deed records at Stigler show Mr and Mrs Jame J.Moore conveyed to the Missionary Baptist Church at Whitefield on December 30th, 1912, the lot on which the presence building (Fellowship Hall) stand. The church constructed a building, which was completed in 1913, the second story of
this building was built to house the Masonic Lodge. In 1933 the Masonic Lodge abandoned the the lodge hall and the upper story was torn down and the building became a single story structure.

There are no church records found for the church all these years, yet a Sunday school was organized in 1934. Name and dates of pastors during these years have not been found. We are thankful to God that a work was begun and has carried on by the faithful during these years.

Whitefield Missionary Baptist Church

The earliest records that have been kept begin on January 11th, 1938, they read a group of Missionary Baptist Believers met at the Whitefield Missionary Baptist Church on January 11th, 1938, after preaching service conducted by Reverend O.J Meyers, to discuss the organization of a church as no records of a Missionary Baptist Church ever being organized ( at Whitefield ) could be found. The date of January 13th, 1938 was set to organize the church with the following Baptists meeting to organize a New Testament Missionary Baptist Church. Reverend O.J Meyers, Reverend Walter Turnbow, and Reverend Harvey J. Scott country missionary, were members of the ordaining council. The first offering consisted of $11.50 for pastor, $3.24 for Association and $2.00 for Cooperative Program. Preaching was held monthly or quarterly, and half time basis for many years. 

Re-Organization of Whitefield Baptist Church 

August 16th, 1953, Whitefield Baptist Church and Sunday School was re-organized with Brother Crabtree, County Missionary, acting as moderator. Three members were present and 11 members were added to the church.

The Following are some interesting events with dates from the decade of 1950's. On September 13th, 1953, Brother Audra Marlin was called a part-time pastor with a salary of $20.00 a trip from Ft Smith, Arkansas. In April 1954 church voted to have a Vacation Bible School and the offering was sent to the Cooperative Program. In September 1956 the church agreed to call a pastor full-time (Sunday preaching ). It was agreed that if the finances got too bad, Brother Felix Quinton would get a part-time church. His Salary of $20.00 per week and he was to pay tithes to the church. In July 1957 the church again called the same pastor full-time. Motion was made to start a Training Union, which was organized July 14th, 1957. In August 1957 the church voted to draw up plans and get and estimate for Sunday School rooms and on September 8th the church voted to accept 3 room plan and go ahead with the building. In October 1957 the church voted to give supper for people in the community who helped build Sunday School rooms and Brother Jerry Don Abernathy ( Oklahoma Baptist Convention President 1977-78 ), pastor at Rocky Ridge held a week's Revival. In July 1959 the church ordained Broth Bud Bowen as a deacon. Mrs Effie Gulley was a dedicated worker for the Lord and did much to keep the church going in the early years.

The 1970's - 1990's

On January 7th, 1970, the church voted to purchase 24 pine, cushioned pews, the church voted to accept Vern Bean as active deacon. On October 1970 the church voted to purchase to build a parsonage on and the price not exceed $12,500 with the Building Committee members J.D Ary , James Leird and Ray Smith to select the color of brick. October 6th 1971 the church increased Cooperative Program by 1% to 9% and on August 30th, 1972 the church
treasure announced that new parsonage had been paid in full. On May 9th, 1973 the church voted to build a Educational Building with Billy Cleveland , Sonny Leird and J.D Ary voted as members of the Building Committee. The church increased the Cooperative Program by 2% to 11% on October 3rd, 1973.

Nine classrooms and two restrooms were added to the east side of the church building in 1980 at a cost of $30,000. With the church experiencing growth in membership in August 1938 the church voted to send a $100 gift to the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children in memory of Effie Gully. In September 1983 the church sent a  $100 gift to the Baptist Retirement Center in memory of Melvin Bond. On September 1984 the church voted the remodel Fellowship Hall and to build a a wing on to the church. The sanctuary was remodeled in 1990 again with the church experiencing growth a 400 seat sanctuary  and additional classroom were built in October 1996,  the  note on the new building was paid off on  January 20th, 1999 and a building dedication  was on March 28th, 1999 with morning & evening worship activities.